5 reasons I/O psychology graduate students should get involved in APAGS


APAGS Committee – Fall Business Meeting 2013

1. We’re stronger together.

Like other divisions, APAGS consists of psychologists (or soon to be psychologists) who are concerned with improving the field of psychology.  However, unlike other divisions who have one or two student representatives, APAGS is full of representatives for students.  APAGS is recognized within APA as an important, valid voice and we can achieve more through our combined efforts than a single student representative within a division can individually.

2. The wheel has already been invented, so jump on board.

APAGS has been established as part of APA, the premier national psychological association with relationships and connections to media outlets and government entities. Utilizing an already visible organization such as APAGS to address issues and concerns is easier and more effective than creating new networks and connections.

3. Network tMC910216362[1]o get work.

Getting involved in APAGS governance provides the opportunity to interact with important and, in some cases, famous psychologists. Becoming personally acquainted with some of the most notable psychologists of our day can only help your career by providing mentorship, pointing towards job opportunities and supplying you with impressive recommendations.

3. Want an edge? Get a broad view.

Participating in APAGS exposes you to other areas of psychology besides I/O. Understanding other issues in the general field of psychology gives you a more comprehensive view of the field as a whole. Broader involvement provides access to developments and innovations that may be directly applicable to your area of interest, giving you an edge when it comes to advancements in the field and might even inspire you to be innovative yourself.

5. APA is an organization too.Office

Just because APAGS is full of psychologists doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Solutions to systemic and organizational problems are still needed and I/O psychologists are highly qualified to deal with these problems. By getting involved with APAGS, I/O psychology students can get hands on experience with systemic work, making changes in large organizations and, at the same time, improve the field of psychology.

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