5 Reasons to Submit a Proposal to APAGS for APA Convention

1) Free Registration! What graduate student doesn’t appreciate a freebie? APA will waive your Convention registration fee ($70) if you serve as a first author on a program or poster at APA Convention, are an APAGS member, and list APAGS member (not student affiliate) on your proposals. Read the APAGS FAQ for more details.

2) Looks great on a CV! Presenting at APA Convention can be an impressive addition to your curriculum vitae. Where else do you get a chance to present your work and ideas to a national audience?

3) Travel to a new city.  APA Convention is hosted in various cities in the U.S. and Canada each year. In 2014, Convention will be held in Washington, D.C. Never been to the nation’s capital? D.C. comes alive in the summertime! Come spend your days hearing about what’s new in the field of psychology and your evenings exploring historical monuments or one of the more than two dozen free museums D.C. has to offer.  APAGS will even help full your schedule as we host our must-attend annual social event one evening.

APAGS 2012_

APAGS 2012

4) Meet your psychology idol! You never know who you might meet at Convention! Students attending the 2012 APA Convention in Orlando, Florida got a chance to meet and take pictures with Dr. Philip Zimbardo, of Stanford Prison Experiment fame. A number of eminent psychologists attend APA Convention each year. Submit your proposal to APAGS and come to DC and see what famous psychologists you meet!

5) Network with other students and psychologists! APA and APAGS provide students with numerous opportunities to network at Convention. From social events, to speed mentoring, to meet-and-greets with researchers and training directors, there are plenty of activities to help you expand your circle.

If we’ve convinced you to apply and you’re already wondering how to afford it, have a look at our strategies to save for helpful tips on how to fund your trip to Convention. The deadline to submit a Convention submission is December 2, 2013.

Have any great Convention stories or tips you’d like to share? Please consider submitting a guest post to the gradPSYCH Blog!

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