7 Tips to Help Create a Positive Mental Attitude

PositivityOur thoughts and emotions play a large role in determining the state of our mental attitude and although we don’t always realize it, repetitive words and actions affect our behavior by seeping into our subconscious and becoming second nature. This applies especially to negative thoughts that easily take over our thought patterns and put us into a permanent state of pessimism.

The intentional decision to create a positive mental attitude can make a huge difference in your everyday routine with concrete and constructive results that will reflect in a happier, more optimistic state of mind.

Below are 7 tips to help create a positive mental attitude:

1. Never stop encouraging yourself

Be your own best friend and remind yourself that you are successful and worthy. By speaking positive thoughts out loud to yourself regularly, your words will encourage you to act accordingly and you will find yourself becoming more optimistic by the day. As you continue to encourage yourself and realize the power of speaking positively, you will also be able to encourage those around you.

2. Surround yourself with positive people who inspire, motivate and encourage you

A negative workplace, community or even just a harmful comment can hamper your ability to maintain a positive mental attitude and you may find yourself being dragged down by constant thoughts of fear, anxiety, depression and negativity. Stay away from people who tend to criticize you on everything you do and find friends who are willing to work with you towards positive feelings and reactions when faced with difficult situations.

3. Once in a while, turn off the news

It’s good to take a break from the negativity spread by the media that often works to incite fear and anger in viewers. Sometimes, no news is good news and by looking for constructive blogs, websites and programs to fill your time, a positive mental outlook will be much easier to create and maintain.

4. Control your emotions by realizing that you have the power to stop anger, fear and anxiety from taking over your rational thinking and reactions

Although you cannot control other people, their actions or a situation, you can control your own reaction to what’s happening around you. Don’t overthink situations and don’t always expect the worst. This will help you follow a positive thought process before reacting to a challenge.

5. Look for opportunities in bad situations

By making a habit out of trying to grow and learn in every situation, you will be better equipped to deal with similar instances as they arise throughout your life. Bad situations are inevitable but by looking forward to good opportunities and proactively trying to improve a situation, creating a positive mental attitude will be a great asset in finding constructive and practical solutions.

6. Use positive language to empower yourself and others

Words of affirmation and encouragement go a long way in creating a positive mental attitude, while words that break down, criticize and discourage have long-term adverse effects that can do irreversible damage. Limit your complaints and think carefully before you speak – words can carry more power than you think.

7. Make healthy lifestyle choices including a good exercise regimen, a regular sleeping routine and a healthy diet

It is difficult to maintain a positive outlook when you are sleep-deprived, sit behind a computer for too long and eat processed and sugary foods that slow your metabolism and deplete your energy levels. Stick to fruits and vegetables, grains and lean meats – take vitamin supplements where necessary and remember to drink plenty of water. At the very least, get a few minutes of exercise daily and sleep at least 7 hours every night. Soon enough, you’ll find the happier, healthier and more optimistic version of yourself.