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9 Mentorship GIFs I Wish Someone Had Shown Me in Grad School

Finding a quality mentor is one of the most — maybe the most — important thing you can do in graduate school.  A good mentor can make your career fly like an eagle, or plummet like a rock.  But, despite the importance of mentorship in career building, we receive no training on what to look for when selecting a mentor.

Here are nine things that I wish someone had told me about mentoring during grad school, to help you find the mentorship you need.

1. Your ideal career should guide your mentorship choices.  What do you want to do? Find someone that already has your ideal job and ask them to mentor you.

star wars animated GIF


2. Just one isn’t enough. No one can do it all, so build a team of mentors. Each mentor will have strengths and weaknesses; learn from their strengths, and supplement their weaknesses.


3. It should be reciprocal. Mentorship is a two way street. If it isn’t reciprocal, it isn’t mentorship. Be mindful of keeping both sides of the relationship balanced, and beware if your mentor is the one unbalancing it.

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4. Don’t deify. Mentors are just people. They don’t know everything.  They will make mistakes and need feedback on their performance too… unless your mentor is Morgan Freeman… that dude is amazing.

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5. Don’t fall for brands. Famous people/popular mentors are often busy already. Find someone who can spend time working with YOU.

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6. Don’t fear the peer. Other students will have great insights and will probably be open to sharing their knowledge with you. Ask for their advice, and help them out too.

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7. Letting them push you is a good thing. A good mentor sets a high bar for you. But they should also do whatever it takes to make sure you reach it.

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8. They should be an inspiration. Find someone who makes you excited, even when the work is hard. They should motivate you to become a better professional, and hopefully also make you a better person.

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9. Don’t be shy. The worst thing someone can say when you ask them to be your mentor is “no.”

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Want to learn more about how to find and keep a good mentor? Come to the program on mentorship at APA Convention in Toronto, Thursday August, 6th from 2-3:50 in Convention Centre Room 716A.

What do you think? Do you have other advice you would like to share? Comment below!

Editor’s Note: Daniel Reimer, MA, is Chair of the APAGS Convention Committee and a doctoral student at the University of Nevada – Reno. 


Five (more) reasons why you should go to APA Convention

1) NetworkingNetworking

I said it before, and I’ll say it again; networking works.  APA Convention  gives you easy access to hundreds of potential employers all in one place.  Plus, for those of us that have difficulty with networking and meeting  new people, Convention provides an abundance of conversation starters.

“I really enjoyed your presentation, what can I do to learn more
about working in this field?” or, “Did you go to the Presidential
address? What did you think about XYZ?”

2) It makes you smarterBrain

Like eating a healthy breakfast, or wearing the diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw,  going to Convention makes you smarter.  In a study (which I just made up),  students who attended Convention at least once were considered more informed  than the control group who did not attend Convention.  In seriousness,  attending Convention exposes you to ideas outside of your graduate school  bubble, opening you up to new concepts and letting you experience some of the  great work other people are doing that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

3) Easier than reading it in an article

Sure, if you wait a year or two you will be able to read about a lot of the  work being presented at Convention.  But wouldn’t you rather listen to the researcher tell you about it him/herself?  Then you can ask questions, get clarification, or even volunteer to help on a follow-up study.

4) Sessions for students, by students

APAGS kicks ass (or butt) at creating Convention programming you can’t get  anywhere else. The APAGS Convention Committee always develops (in my very  biased opinion) some of the best, most useful programs at Convention. Having trouble finding a mentor, or having trouble with a current mentor? Come to our  mentorship session Turbo-Charging Your Career: Finding and Keeping a Good Mentor.  Are you a non-traditional student struggling with issues traditional graduate students don’t understand?  Come to Non-traditional  Students and Graduate School: Student experiences, Personal Challenges and Open Discussion. These are just a few of the many programs developed to address specific graduate student needs you can’t find anywhere else!

Toronto35) Oh Canada!

Ever been to Canada? Here is your chance to travel internationally and  visit the Great White North. Toronto is a beautiful city, with lots to offer in terms of sight-seeing and nightlife. Come meet some international friends and explore a new culture in a city that is just miles from the U.S.  border. And don’t forget to brush up on your Canadian, eh?


Editors Note: Daniel Reimer is a doctoral student at the University of Nevada, Reno, and the APAGS Convention Committee Chair.


Five Reasons to Go To Convention

Going to Convention is an important graduate school experience. There are lots of benefits, and not just for the reasons your professors tell you!

1- Exposure to a wide variety of content

Yes, this is one of the reasons faculty say that Convention is important, but it’s true; Convention gives you the chance to hear perspectives of other psychologists who you don’t see every day.  You might even have the chance to hear one of your psychology idols present.  If you see a presentation you like, take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the presenter.  More than likely they will be happy to talk about their line of research and point you in the direction of additional material you will find interesting.

2- Networking

The APA Convention boasts the largest concentration of Psychologists in North America (probably).  What better place to hunt for future employment?  Whether you have your dream job in mind or you need to work out what your dream job is, Convention is the place to do it.  The phrase “network to get work” always sounded cliché to me… until I landed a job because of conference networking!

3- Get Experience Convention-ing

Do you feel like a tiny fish in a huge ocean when you go to conferences?  Are you intimidated by the sheer size of the Convention Program book? It sounds like you have Convention Anxiety Disorder (DSM VII, pending), a common condition for many Convention attendees.  You’ll spend the rest of your career attending one kind of conference or another, so what do you do?  Why not come to Convention, one of the only conferences that has programming for students, by students specifically designed to ease you into Convention?  Check out the APAGS Making the Most of Convention session (for tips and tricks about navigating Convention), or the Flying Solo Social (for students attending Convention alone to connect with each other).  You’ll be a seasoned Convention-er in no time.

4- Excuse for a vacationMP900441060[1]

For busy graduate students, the excuse to travel to another city can be a mini-vacation (without the guilt of being away from your computer; Convention attendance counts as professional development after all).  Convention is always in a big city with lots of interesting local sites to go visit, especially this year.  There will be plenty to see in DC and many of the sites are free.  Take some time before, after, or even during Convention to explore a little.  If you register for Convention you will receive the APAGS Survival Guide which will outline many recommended sites and their pricing.

APAGS 2013 Social at the Hotel Modern in Honolulu, HI

APAGS 2013 Social at the Hotel Modern in Honolulu, HI

5- The APAGS social

And now the real reason to come to Convention!  The APAGS Convention Committee and staff always work incredibly hard to throw an awesome social for graduate students- and, not to brag, but we nail it.  Hanging with old friends, meeting new ones, letting loose and having a good time is always the best part of my Convention. This year is sure to be legendary- located at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on August 7th. Be sure you don’t miss it!

5 reasons I/O psychology graduate students should get involved in APAGS


APAGS Committee – Fall Business Meeting 2013

1. We’re stronger together.

Like other divisions, APAGS consists of psychologists (or soon to be psychologists) who are concerned with improving the field of psychology.  However, unlike other divisions who have one or two student representatives, APAGS is full of representatives for students.  APAGS is recognized within APA as an important, valid voice and we can achieve more through our combined efforts than a single student representative within a division can individually.

2. The wheel has already been invented, so jump on board.

APAGS has been established as part of APA, the premier national psychological association with relationships and connections to media outlets and government entities. Utilizing an already visible organization such as APAGS to address issues and concerns is easier and more effective than creating new networks and connections.

3. Network tMC910216362[1]o get work.

Getting involved in APAGS governance provides the opportunity to interact with important and, in some cases, famous psychologists. Becoming personally acquainted with some of the most notable psychologists of our day can only help your career by providing mentorship, pointing towards job opportunities and supplying you with impressive recommendations.

3. Want an edge? Get a broad view.

Participating in APAGS exposes you to other areas of psychology besides I/O. Understanding other issues in the general field of psychology gives you a more comprehensive view of the field as a whole. Broader involvement provides access to developments and innovations that may be directly applicable to your area of interest, giving you an edge when it comes to advancements in the field and might even inspire you to be innovative yourself.

5. APA is an organization too.Office

Just because APAGS is full of psychologists doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Solutions to systemic and organizational problems are still needed and I/O psychologists are highly qualified to deal with these problems. By getting involved with APAGS, I/O psychology students can get hands on experience with systemic work, making changes in large organizations and, at the same time, improve the field of psychology.