Dressed by Jess

Jessica 1Hi, my name is Jessica Andrade (I am not a psychologist, but am happily employed by APA) and I truly have a LOVE for fashion! Dressed by Jess is a series of articles that will help students feel confident in pieces that make them feel good and in style when attending important events, including internship interviews, your first day of teaching, presenting at a national conference, etc. I’m inviting you to explore this series of articles from my fashion perspective. I will provide tips on pairing pieces together as well as “do’s and don’ts” to help you put your best foot forward for all occasions. And most importantly, all of my tips will be….wait for it…on a graduate student budget!

Expect lots of colors, outfits that should never be worn in public, and FUN! Hold on to your tablets, this is going to be an adventure!