Self-Care at Convention

yogaIt is easy to be caught up in all of the excitement of convention; who wouldn’t be excited to meet their idol, talk about their research, or learn a new practice technique? While it is easy to get caught up in all of the running around (sometimes quite literally, especially if you do the Ray’s Race 5K), it is important to invest in self-care throughout convention.

Here are a few tips for self-care so you can impress the socks off of your new networks, rock your presentation, and clear your mind to learn optimally:

  • Plan ahead: The best way to combat stress is to plan ahead. Use the convention app to plan out what programs you want to see. Furthermore, reserve time for rest.
  • Build in some down time: Four days of psychology is a lot. Your hard work should be balanced with a little indulgence. Take a nap, watch some Netflix, and explore the city! This will reinvigorate you to be at the top of your game when you participate at convention.
  • Don’t forget to build in time for friends too: Convention for me is an opportunity to bond with my cohort members and new friends I have made along the way. There are a lot of great food options or activities to do with friends. Going solo this year? Stop by the APAGS social to meet other graduate students.

  • Use your energy preferences in your favor: If you gain energy by being around others, be sure to hit up the socials. More of an introvert? Find structured networking events in which there is a set amount of time for socializing. APAGS this year is offering Networking for the Introvert on Thursday at 5pm in the APAGS Suite (Marriott Marquis Hotel).
  • Remember your food groups: At convention, free food is abound, and is a grad student’s dream. Be careful, though, to eat the right sort of food. Keep your energy up with balanced meals and don’t forget about fruits and vegetables. This will be imperative, especially if you have a long day of convention-ing.
  • Exercise!: You may get plenty of exercise by walking the convention center, but also be sure to work in other exercise routines. Most hotels have free gyms, and you can get a 5K run in on Saturday with Ray’s Race.
  • Engage in mindfulness: Take some time to engage in reflection and be in the present moment. Convention can sometimes be a cognitive overload, so practicing those mindfulness techniques may come in handy.

We hope to see you all at convention!